Spreading the Love

In honour of Valentine’s day, today’s post is about love. Recently, I did a values clarification exercise, to help me think and understand what I value most. In the end, my number one value was love.

Someone asked me why love was my first value. To me it seemed so obvious – every other value that mattered to me, would stem from a place of love. But this concept of love as being a part of everything that we do and everything that we are, was much broader than what he thought of when he thought about love. It turns out, he isn’t the only one.

When you look up the definition on google, the first answer is “feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone)”. Well no wonder, some people hate Valentine’s day when the definition of love is narrowed down to that.

But love goes so much deeper than feeling a romantic attachment to someone. What about loving ourselves? Loving our families? Loving our friends? Loving the world? Loving humanity?

It is hard for me to define love, because for me, it is a feeling, rooted deep within me. It is about looking at ourselves and others with kindness and compassion. It is about seeing the goodness in others. It is about accepting where we are each at in our journey. It is about believing in people and wishing them well. It is about what you feel inside and how you project that feeling into the world.

And let me tell you, the world needs more love, not as google defines it, but as we feel it. The world needs more of this all encompassing love. When we value and cultivate love, the other things we might value fall into place and the world becomes a better place.

I told him that respect wasn’t in my top 10 list of values because when you act from a place of love, respect will be inherent. When you act from a place of love in your heart, you will be honest, you will be more peaceful, you will be more understanding, you will strive for greatness, you will be conscientious, and the list goes on. Love is the basis for everything good.

The more you feel the love within, the better off the world will be. So this Valentine’s day, I encourage you all to spread the love, beyond romance, beyond the narrow definition that we have come to see. Take some time for yourself, take a bath, enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book, visit some friends, help out your family, do some random act of kindness, help a stranger, plant a tree.

Just love and share that love with the world.


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